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Cistern Cleaning

Trust Your Water Again With Our Cleaning Services

Cistern cleaning and maintenance are important for your family’s safety. If you don’t have an engineered rainwater harvesting system, sludge and other unwanted materials will build up at the bottom of your water tank. Bring in the GFS team to give your cistern a good scrubbing and inspection. 

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How Does Cistern Cleaning Work?

The GFS team will remove the water in your cistern, then power washes the floor, walls, and ceiling. We will also at this point inspect your cistern for cracks and other defects and provide you with any recommendations. Once we’ve washed and inspected your cistern, we also vacuum dry the entire cistern. Finally, we pump new water into the cleaned cistern – and you’ll have a safe water supply!


Why Do Cisterns Need Cleaning?

Cisterns are watertight containers designed to protect and store your family’s drinking water. If there is damage to the collars, lids, fill ports, or screened vents, environmental contaminants can get into the cistern. If there is damage to the structure itself – through frost, settling, etc. – cracking below the surface can let in contaminated groundwater and soil. 

Performing Routine Inspections

As the GFS team cleans your cistern, we examine the structure. We want to ensure you get the highest-quality water at all times of the year! For your own safety, we recommend having safety tests performed on the water twice a year. If you notice any changes to the water quality, ask the GFS team delivering your bulk water about our cistern cleaning services.

Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Because cleaning can take place in a confined space, it’s important to bring in a team that knows safety. GFS has an excellent record with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board, and we do every task with our workers and your safety in mind!

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