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When Do You Need A Septic Tank Cleaning?


Septic tank cleaning is different from septic tank pumping. Homes typically require pumping when the solids take up a third of the working capacity of the tank, often every three to five years. If you do not follow this rule, sewage backup, odours, clogs, and other issues can occur.

Septic tank cleaning is a more involved task, as we have to take out all the liquid and the sludge accumulated in the tank. This kind of cleaning is like a reset of your septic tank, but how do you know when you need this service?


A Lot Of Time Has Passed Since Your Last Cleaning


Septic timingIf you’ve never had your septic tank cleaned, or it’s been many years since you last thought to have it done, it probably needs cleaning. Even if you see no signs of any trouble with your septic tank, you should never forget the importance of regular maintenance. The efficiency of a septic tank declines over time; neglecting it can result in significant problems and health hazards

When household sewage and wastewater flow into your septic tank, the larger particles and substances filter down and settle at the bottom. The rest of the wastewater goes into your drainage field or a soil absorption system. As time passes, the layer of sludge thickens, and if it rises past a critical level, the substances and particles will be forced into the pipes of your drainage field, clogging them.

You should have a professional clean your septic tank regularly, and the timing depends on your home and family: how much water do you use? How many bathrooms are there? How many people live in your house? Large households should call septic tank services more often than smaller ones. 

One thing that makes cleaning a tank easier is regular pumping. If we pump the waste from your tank on a regular schedule, we will have an easier time removing the solids. The thicker you let the sludge become, the harder it is to remove the solids.


You Notice The Signs 


If your tank needs cleaning, there are some pretty obvious signs. The most common is water pooling around the drain field; no matter how much is there, you can bet that the tank is full and needs service. You might also smell the odour right above your septic tank; if left alone, it can become a problem for your drain field and the neighbourhood.

Another sign is when your tank notifies you that it’s at capacity a lot sooner than it normally would. Many septic tanks have a warning system that lets the homeowner know their tank is full. If this is happening more frequently than usual, the sludge may have accumulated to a point where you need cleaning services, not just a pump.


Backflow And Drain Field Issues


Finally, the biggest problems that mean your septic tank needs cleaning are backflow, pooling in the drain field, and other problems. A thorough cleaning can remove the blockages and buildup that so often causes these problems. Cleaning may even require pressure washing to break up any compacted solids accumulated on the sides and bottom of the tank. We might be able to spot damage to the tank caused by them and prevent damage to your house and property!

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