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How To Know If You Need A Septic Tank Cleaning


Emptying the tank is something all homeowners reliant on a septic system think about, but what about cleaning it? Regular septic tank cleaning makes sure the whole system can function properly and perform its best. But how can you tell if you need this service?


You Get An Alert


Some septic tanks have an alert that notifies homeowners when the tank needs pumping. They can even be alarms that make a high-pitched noise or lights on the side of the house. Sometimes, when too much waste accumulates on the walls of the tank, it can trigger the alarm. It’s a good indicator that your septic system needs a proper scrubbing. If your current septic tank doesn’t have an alarm or alert system, have one installed.


It Has Been A Few Years


Septic tanks don’t have to be cleaned as often as they are pumped, but it’s still necessary to have the job done regularly. Make sure you’re having a cleaning performed every three to five years, depending on usage. Cleaning not only gets rid of gunk, but it can catch structural problems. Your system may run without issues for years, but when the day comes that a pool of sewage forms in your yard or home, you’ll wish you had it cleaned and inspected!


You See Overflow


Septic tank how to know if you need a septic tank cleaning imageIf there is a pool of water above the septic tank’s lid and the drain field, the system is overflowing. It might be the most obvious sign that something is wrong – the septic tank could need pumping, or if there might be a separate issue. 

The most common cause of an overflowing tank is the most obvious: it’s at capacity, causing solid water to block the system. Either way, water, where it shouldn’t be, is the best indicator that you have to call a professional!


There’s A Smell


Septic tank how to know if you need a septic tank cleaning imageOften, the problem isn’t seen, but rather it’s smelled. A septic tank in need of cleaning will often give off unpleasant odours around the tank and even in the home. 

An empty septic tank won’t give off any unwanted aromas. If the whole system is in tip-top shape, it has measures to prevent gross smells from coming up the pipes and into your home.


You’re Experiencing Slow Drains And Clogs


Pay attention when the drains around your house – baths, sinks, toilets, etc. – are emptying slowly. It’s a common sign that your system needs to be emptied and cleaned. A clog may be slowing down the system, but regardless of the cause, you can’t ignore slow drains.

Sometimes, toilets clog because you have been flushing too much – or have been flushing things you shouldn’t be. If your drains begin backing up even with the most harmless of flushes, it may be a sign that your septic tank needs cleaning.


Your Lawn Is A Little Greener


Is the spot around your septic tank looking a little too… healthy? When the grass is greener on your side, your neighbours might wonder if the septic tank needs cleaning. They may be correct – healthy grass is a sign that water is coming out of your system, meaning the culprit is a clogged, full, or leaking tank.

The best thing you can do is clean your tank on a schedule; like we said, it doesn’t have to be more frequent than every three to five years. It’s simple and requires little effort on your part, but the service can be an immense help in maintaining your septic system. You may not even see any of the above-mentioned problems!

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