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Construction Holding Tank Cleaning

We Do The Waste System Cleaning For You

One of our most valuable waste management services is cost-effective holding tank cleaning. Holding tanks can be used on long-term construction sites, and we make it easy and affordable to have the scum, non-biodegradable waste, and build-up on holding tanks removed.

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Cleaning Residential Holding Tanks Across Southwestern Ontario

Holding tank maintenance is a necessary service for the long-term use of a holding tank. Having it cleaned regularly will extend the life of your waste system, maintain structural integrity, and prevent leaks and pollution. It also decreases the frequency of pumping needs.

What Goes Into Holding Tank Cleaning?

Holding tank pumping is one important job, and while different, cleaning is just as important! Cleaning the holding tank gets rid of accumulated gunk and non-biodegradable waste, helping the waste separate more effectively for future pumping.

How Often Should I Have My Holding Tank Cleaned?

Depending on the size of your holding tank and how many people are using it, the holding tank should be pumped every 6-8 weeks. A full cleaning should be performed annually to tackle any non-biodegradable accumulation that builds on the floor and walls.

A Top Choice For Southwestern Ontario Since 2003

Cleaning a holding tank means tackling hazardous materials, so it’s important to hire a team that makes safety a priority. Clients across Southwestern Ontario trust GFS because we have an excellent record with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. We perform every task prioritizing worker and client safety!

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