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Hospital Water Supply

Delivering Bulk Water For Healthcare Facilities

Water supply can be an overlooked part of the emergency plans for healthcare facilities. Having an accessible source of water at all times is essential for keeping patients. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities that need high-quality potable water can trust GFS Services that meet proper codes and keep them running.

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Water Is Essential For Risk Management & Hygiene

Never underestimate the power of clean water. A quality source of potable water can help manage infections, maintain treatment schedules, and keep a building full of people who can’t leave hydrated. It’s an important factor to think about when developing an Emergency Water Supply Plan (EWSP) – make the dependable team at GFS a part of this plan!

Factors To Consider For Hospital Water Supplies

What should you think about when looking at a hospital’s water supply? Building footprint, usage, response capabilities, necessities, and water supply alternatives all must be considered. GFS can help you assess your needs and become a key part of developing an emergency plan.

Emergency Water Supplies For Hospitals

No building is immune to issues like natural disasters, construction problems, and community water supply failures. Health care facilities should have an EWSP that lets them prepare for and recover from a partial or complete interruption of the water supply. It should include the emergency supply alternatives for water so that, when the worst does happen, the facility is prepared.

Prompt Hospital Water Supply Delivery

When a hospital loses the connection to its water supply, it can’t wait. GFS can be the solution helping healthcare managers come up with the necessary plans that take into account supply and demand. With prompt and dependable delivery, healthcare facilities across Southwestern Ontario can trust the GFS Services team to be there when they need us.

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