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Chlorinated Water Supply

Delivering Bulk Treated Water Across Southwestern Ontario

GFS is a regional leader in providing chlorinated water to businesses in Southwestern Ontario. If you need chlorinated water quickly, you may not want to have the chemicals on hand – or know the right amount of chlorine to make your water safe for your customers. People trust our team for chlorinated water that meets their needs. 

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Chlorinated Water Delivered To Meet Commercial Needs

Chlorine disinfects water to make it safe for regular use. GFS’s dependable delivery service helps those who don’t have the pump capacity or want the chemical load on their premises to get clean water safely. We deliver it in bulk for affordable prices so the people who need pre-chlorinated water for disinfection get it when they need it!  

Clean, Safe Water Right When You Need It

Many businesses not hooked up to the municipal water supply need clean water delivered to the cistern or dry well on their property. Used properly, low levels of chlorine can make water safe for drinking, bathing, and cleaning. For water that needs to be pumped into dry wells and cisterns, it lowers the chance of pathogen regrowth. Our bulk water services will give you a safe source of water for all your needs. 

Pool & Hot Tub Water Supply Services That Save You Money

Chlorinated water has another obvious use – recreation! Having chlorinated water delivered by GFS saves you money on pumping from a well or filling a commercial pool from the municipal supply. The cost savings also come from chlorination – you can save on chemicals and use your pool right away!

GFS Has Been Keeping Ontarians Relaxing Since 2003

Whether you run a spa, a pool, or a business with a hot tub, contact GFS Services for a free estimate. Our chlorinated water is treated and doesn’t contain high mineral content, and using our bulk delivery service won’t damage your water tank or other components.

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