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Catch Basin Cleaning

Services For Cleaning Your Storm Drains

When storm drains get blocked, rain and meltwater back up, putting your home at risk of flooding, foundation damage, and sinkholes. GFS’s team of catch basin cleaners for homes across Southwestern Ontario, helping people stop these problems before they can begin.

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Where Is The Catch Basin Located?

The catch basin is sometimes called a storm drain, catching waste and preventing it from reaching the drainpipe. It is found along the curb in the gutter on the edge of the road and is an essential part of water runoff, storm sewers, and drainage systems. Cleaning this out with a pump protects private properties, stopping water from causing damage to buildings and landscaping.

What’s Involved In Catch Basin Cleaning?

Catch basins fill with sediment and solids; they have a vessel under the outlet pipe designed to capture solids that would otherwise flow into connecting pipes and creeks, streams, lakes and rivers. Cleaning this involves removing the accumulated waste that collects in the catch basin sump. It should be performed by professionals like GFS, as we are equipped with the right tools and know-how to pump out the catch basin and clean it with care.

Why It’s Essential To Clean Catch Basins

Catch basin cleaning must be performed regularly to ensure residue, prevent flooding, and keep drain systems efficient. Cleaning and maintaining your catch basin can prevent storm sewer blockages, reduce the number of contaminants entering the storm sewer, and stop water from pooling on streets and in open areas like driveways. Taking out all that organic matter and sediment can prevent bad smells from coming out of a drain.

Catch Basin Cleaning Across Southwestern Ontario

It doesn’t matter where you are in Ontario – whether you’re in the city or country, catch basin cleaning is your responsibility. Removing the dirt and debris prevents many risks to your home, so contact GFS today. Our team has the experience needed to pump out the bad stuff and perform quick, efficient cleaning services!

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