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What Is A Water Main?


Many homeowners experience a problem with their water sources beginning at the main; many construction sites need them installed by professionals. But what are water mains, and why are they essential to the steady flow of water through your pipes?

What Is A Water Main?


Municipal pipes transport a high volume of water under pressure to neighbourhoods depending on clean water from the city’s water treatment facility. The water main is a primary underground pipe for homes connected to a municipal water distribution system. They carry potable water from water pumping stations to homes, businesses, schools, and industries. The pressure supplies water to the smaller pipes of homes and businesses along the way.

A residential water main is the pipe that brings water into the home. The private water service line is usually located underground and connects the building to the community’s water supply. 


What Are Common Problems With The Water Main?


Water main what is a water main? ImageWater pipes are under pressure. A break in the water main will cause water to flow out and saturate the soil, eventually reaching the surface – this could be the street, your lawn, or your basement. It’s a problem that could lead to contaminated water in the home, and when this happens, you can’t use appliances or drink the water.

Issues with water mains are critical in ageing utility infrastructures. It’s because of all the water coursing through them – they can develop wear-and-tear issues, including tuberculation (the formation of mounds of reddish-brown iron-oxide on a pipe’s interior), faulty joints, and inadequate hydraulic capacity. Holes can develop in a water main over time due to external corrosion from the soil or frost surrounding it.

Old water mains, especially those exposed to groundwater containing high levels of iron and manganese, can have a build-up of hardened scale form on the inside of the pipe. As well as reducing the flow velocity and capacity, the problem can change the colour, smell, and taste of water.


What Goes Into Water Main Repair Services?


Water mainIf a leak is detected in your water main, we must fix the problem as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage to your property. Because metal water mains have proven to grow brittle over time, the pipes use more durable material, like ductile iron or plastic pipes like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These pipes are flexible and resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

Because it’s such a complex and invasive job, you should leave repairs to the experts. Attempting DIY water main repair will often lead to you paying more money in the long run because all you’ll end up with is an expensive do-over. The plumbers may even have to repair more damage when your repair attempts go wrong. 

GFS Services specializes in water main testing for construction sites to ensure there are no leaks, breaks, or contaminations. If you’re in Southwestern Ontario and are in need of this service, call us today!


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