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What’s Involved In Catch Basin Cleaning?


A necessary part of any drainage system, whether it’s rural, urban, or suburban, is the catch basin. Unfortunately, it’s also a part of the drainage that is overlooked and neglected. 

If left without professional washing, the catch basin can back up, causing flooding. So what’s involved in catch basin cleaning?

What’s A Catch Basin?


Catch basins, also known as storm drains or curb inlets, are holes in the storm drain system with a grate at street level and a sump (a low spot that helps the catch basin manage surface runoff). It’s a point of the drainage system where storm water flows into the sump, and it checks the entry of floating debris to keep anything that shouldn’t be in the sewers from entering the sewers. Catch basins also have a trap device that averts the backflow of bad smells coming from the pipes. 

Catch basins serve as a pretreatment area where sizeable residues settle, particularly in the sump. It’s a necessary part of many urban sewer systems because it prevents the blockage of the storm sewer and reduces the flow of pollutants into local waterways.


Why Do Catch Basins Need Regular Cleanings?


Catch basin what's involved in catch basin cleaning? ImageAs water flows to the streets, it carries a lot of debris. As such, catch basins can become full of leaves, twigs, and dirt. Litter and bits of plastic can also reach the catch basin, especially in the form of plastic grocery bags (which highlights the importance of this part of the sewer system). If left without cleaning, this accumulation can stop the catch basin from working.

Once these overwhelm the basin, water that has to drain away can no longer enter the drainage system; instead, it gets backed up, causing flooding. This pooling water can flood parking lots and streets, affecting businesses, pedestrians and motorists.


How Do You Clean Catch Basins?


Catch basin what's involved in catch basin cleaning? ImageCatch basin cleaning services remove the clogs and accumulated debris in the sump that are causing water back-ups. Usually, we perform the job with a catch basin cleaner attached to a vacuum or clamshell bucket. In most cases, advanced technology, such as vacuum extractions, vactor flusher trucks, hydro jetting, and power flushing, is necessary to remove buildup within the catch basin’s sump. Once we’re done, your catch basin will be clean as a whistle!

While we’re cleaning the catch basin, we can also check if you must have additional maintenance work performed on the catch basin to prevent future problems; this includes checking the concrete or brick around it and examining the trap (or hood), cover, and frame.

We handle the most catch basin cleaning and maintenance jobs during the spring season, as the snow melts and the heavy rains set in. Cleaning this part of the storm sewer with a pump helps us protect private properties, stopping water from causing damage to buildings and landscaping.

If you notice flooding or foul odours coming from your catch basin, call the professionals at GFS Services. We’re equipped with the right tools and knowledge to clean the catch basin with care!


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