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Signs You Need A Septic Tank Cleaning

All homeowners know that caring for a septic tank means pumping it out regularly. Many will schedule us for pumping well in advance so that the tank doesn’t get too full. But what about a septic tank cleaning? It’s just as crucial as regular pumpings, but do you know when your system needs this service? Here are three signs you need septic tank cleaning today.

Slow Drains & Backups


Septic tankIf you see that your toilets are slow to flush or that the sinks are taking longer than usual to drain – and there are no obvious obstructions in the pipes – it may be a sign that you need a septic tank cleaning. 

If you notice slow drains throughout your home, tackle the issue immediately before you have to endure a worse sign that your tank is overdue for cleaning: backlogs. These can flood both outside and inside your house, creating a hazardous situation and lasting structural damage.


Foul Smells Near Drains Or The Drain Field


Septic tankIt’s normal to detect odours around a well-functioning septic tank. Smells come from the anaerobic bacteria breaking down organic waste; as they do this, the microbes release carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and methane. It becomes a sign you need a septic tank cleaning when these smells become too powerful or come up through your drains.

When blockages form in the drains of your septic system, fumes from the waste can come back up and arise from the tank. Many homeowners with septic tanks that need cleaning first notice the foul odours of waste or sewage, especially near the tank or plumbing fixtures. If you’re one of them, call a professional ASAP! 

Smelling waste through the drains is often a precursor to sewage backups, which can cause significant damage and safety hazards around your home.


Pools Of Water In The Drain Field


When your tank is full, solid waste particles can make their way into the pipes around your drain field. The drain field removes and manages wastewater pumped from the septic tank. When clogs form in this part of the septic system, they force water to rise to the surface rather than distribute evenly through the field. If you notice puddles around and there hasn’t been any rain, call us for a cleaning service.

Another sign of pooling water may look good, but it could mean bad news for your septic tank: lush greenery on top of the tank or drain field. If a section of your lawn’s looking a little too good, it might be time for a cleaning.


Septic Tank Cleaning Is Different From Septic Tank Pumping


Septic tank pumping and cleaning are two different services. During a pumping procedure, we remove the liquids and floating solids from the tank. Septic tank cleaning, on the other hand, is like a reset for your septic tank. We pump the solids and liquids and clean off all the waste built up on the walls. It’s a service that you should have performed when the tank is exhibiting the problems above!


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