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How To Fill Up Your Hot Tub Properly

Setting up your hot tub begins with filling it. While this job can be exciting, you must follow simple best practices to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here’s how you can fill up your hot tub properly!

Make Sure Your Tub Is In Good Condition


Hot tub how to fill up your hot tub properly imageWhen prepping your hot tub for water, be sure that the power is turned off. It’s a safety measure that will not only prevent accidental damage to the pump by running while dry but also keep you (and us) safe from electrocution. 

Next, remove the front cabinet section – the side where the control panel is – and make sure all the pump connections are tightened and secure. These can come loose during transportation or when they are connected to other parts in a spa. You may want to keep this front panel off until the hot tub is filled up and running to be sure everything stays connected (and as long as it’s off no longer than a day).


Have Your Water Delivered


The quickest way to fill up the hot tub is to have the water delivered. Treated municipal water can come up right to your door, and with trucks carrying a lot of hose, the delivery people can get the water where it needs to be.

It’s the ideal solution for rural homeowners who rely on a well. Groundwater from a well isn’t great for hot tubs as it’s hard to maintain a proper chemical balance.

When setting up the appointment, we’ll make sure you get the right amount to meet the water line mark on the inside of the tub. It’s an indication that tells us where to fill to, and if the tub has too much water or does not have enough, its pump and jets may not function properly.


Remove The Filters & Run A Priming Cycle


Hot tubBefore you have the water pumped into your hot tub, remove the filters and place them in the bottom. This way, they will absorb water while it fills, and once installed, wet filters start working more quickly than dry ones. Turn them upside down as you take them out of the water to make sure there are no air pockets, then reinstall them.

Once you fill your hot tub, turn the power back on and run the Priming Cycle (if your tub model has one). It will check sensors and voltage before powering itself up and turning on the pumps.

Make sure you hear the pump going and see water coming out of the jets and flowing back into the hot tub. Don’t be fooled by the fact that you can hear the pump – this does not mean it’s functioning properly. 

Finally, check the water chemistry and add the necessary chemicals before use. If you have everything set, you should be ready to use your hot tub the same day it’s filled!


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