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What Is Water Hauling?

Across Ontario, many people rely on hauling services to get their water. Maybe their water source is contaminated, or the client is not connected or physically separated from a safe source. It could be that the customer is still working on installing a water supply!

Whatever the case may be, water hauling is essential for thousands of homes and businesses across Southwestern Ontario. How does it work?

What Goes Into Water Hauling Services?

Water hauling is the safe collection, transport and distribution of potable water to communities, homes, businesses, construction sites, and any other sites with small water systems disconnected from municipal sources. Hauliers can deliver water for temporary storage or pump it into a well, cistern, or tank for immediate use.

The water itself comes from groundwater sources, which are regularly tested and treated to be very safe. Municipal and provincial governments have specific requirements in place; water hauliers themselves have to be approved by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks. 

Professional Water Hauling Is Very Safe

Not only does the water have to be safe, but the trucks hauling the water have to be safe, too. The specialized trucks for this service have an attached water tank, pump, and several hoses and accessories needed for filling and distributing water to a range of customers. Water hauliers have to take measures to protect the tank, equipment and connections from becoming contaminated during the storage, transportation and delivery of drinking water.

Professional water hauliers make sure that the sanitary condition of anything that comes into contact with the water is high quality. They must use only materials that have been certified for use with drinking water and regularly clean and disinfect their trucks and equipment.

Safety is paramount because, for many clients, hauling services are the only way they can get drinkable water.

How Can Water Hauling Serve You?

Many clients need water hauling services because they are in remote locations or do not have access to safe, reliable drinking water. Contamination can occur in many improperly monitored sources, with microorganisms like E. coli and Campylobacter entering the water. These bacteria can cause health problems ranging from mild stomach cramps and diarrhoea to more severe food-borne illness concerns; the side effects can be life-threatening. 

Bulk hauling services supply water to homes that get their water through cisterns or wells in areas with unreliable water yield or unsafe water quality. For many homeowners and communities across Ontario, it’s the only way they can get potable drinking water they can trust. Water hauling services help them bypass potentially threatening sources and avoid the cost it would take to make these sources drinkable.


However, water hauling is also necessary for recreation! Bulk delivery serves restaurants, campgrounds, pools and hot tubs, and even ice rinks. When high volumes of water are needed quickly, water hauling services are essential – whether for drinking, cleaning, construction, production, or just having fun!

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